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History 31/07/2017

History and origin of Transport Van Caudenberg - Debrouwer

Van Caudenberg

In 1969, Louis Van Caudenberg bought two second-hand KRUPP-trucks. Inspired by his entrepreneurship, he made one driving truck to transport goods. During the day Louis Van Caudenberg transported goods, at night he did the necessary repairs to his truck. The long days, short nights and an indestructible persistance will pay of after a while. In 1971, he bought his first brand new Mercedes truck. 

His son, Dirk Van Caudenberg, got his certificate for international professional competence in transport and he joined the firm. This was the start for international transport for the firm Transport Van Caudenberg and shortly after, extra drivers were hired. From the nineties, the focus was put on the expansion of distribution within the BENELUX.


Debrouwer was founded the 15th of January 1994 and emanate from a traditional family business that goes back to the 30's. Emile Wollanders bought up grapes for export to the United Kingdom. His daughter Jaqueline Wollanders and son in law Georges Debrouwer took over the company. The family business grew because of extra activities like the export of fruit and vegetables to the United Kingdom and Germany. Later, the company Debrouwer started with the transport of radioactive isothopes and paintproducts. 

After the death of Georges Debrouwer in 1979, Jaqueline Debrouwer got the support of her daughters Christel and Veerle Debrouwer. In 1994, Jaqueline Wollanders retired and Veerle took over the management of the company. NV Debrouwer was founded and its core business became the transportation of radioactive isotopes and general distribution. 

Transport Van Caudenberg - Debrouwer

The offices of both companies, one in Hoeilaert and the other in Jezus-Eik, no longer fulfilled the required needs. When there were no more possibilities for expansion in the neighbourhood, BVBA Van Caudenberg and NV Debrouwer decided to combine the forces in the search of a new location. In 1997 an ideal location was found at the Avenue Newton 6 in Wavre. All the services (offices, stock and workshop) were combined at one location with a lot of parking space. The start of a close collaboration.

In time, this location also did not fulfill the required needs and a new building was purchased at about 500m of our main location at the Avenue Lavoisier in Wavre. 

Third generation

In 2015, the son of Dirk Van Caudenberg and Veerle Debrouwer started to work as a driver. The passion for trucks and transportation sits in the genes. Under the approving eye of the family, Mateo is learning the tricks of the trades. He takes courses in safety matters, international professional competence, VCA, ... to prepare himself to grow within the company and to folluw up his parents. Transport Van Caudenberg - Debrouwer has a bright future as a family business. 

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